It's a bedtime tradition that began with Little Nutbrown Hare, and each night we try to outdo the last...I love you to the moon and the beach and the mountians...and one of my favorites, "to Jesus and the angels" and back...We never imagined we would be saying, I love you to Africa and seems like the furthest imaginable place, but yet in God's perfect timing, we plan to go.... to Africa and back!!! And when we get back, we will have another little cheek to kiss goodnight...please keep us in your prayers and enjoy this journey with us!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Beyond Blessed

As we enter a new year it only seems right to reflect back on the last year and my heart just overflows with gratitude...what have I done to deserve such blessings? Then I realize, I've done nothing to deserve this. I am so humbled to be the recipient of such a gift. The more tragedies that unfold the more I realize how fragile life as we know it can be. Therefore, I realize just how important it is to be aware each and every day of all that I have to lose. Realizing this, it only reinforces in my mind the importance of trusting in God to guide and stay by my side no matter what comes my way. Otherwise, I could easily find myself living in fear of losing all that I count as my blessings. So, I daily choose to have a state of mind that reflects gratitude, trusting in God's guidance and realizing what is truly important in this life. When I look at this last year, I realize it has been so full of changes! It was this time last year that we decided to take the plunge into the world of adoption, never realizing just how much our world would begin to spin (and this is just the beginning)! So much has gone into the whole "process" of adoption that sometimes it's almost easy to forget that this will end with a new little toddler running around our house (now that, will be my world spinning)! I'm finding myself more and more anxious to see a little face, to know something, anything, about this little person who will rock our world. I keep telling myself "in God's perfect timing" and I have to remind myself to TRUST. Part of what I've written today is for me; for me to see it in print, the part about me saying I daily choose to trust in God's plan. There's a big reason why I haven't posted lately, besides the chaos of the holidays...I've felt there just isn't anything to report on the subject of our adoption process. I'm asked over and over "any progress on your adoption?" and I answer over and over "we're just waiting, trying to patiently wait" and now I realize that this is a very important part of the process and it deserves recognition. I underestimated the bigness of this step! I had heard all about it, but yet still underestimated it. This is a really big deal! I am so thankful for the frequent questions, even though I'm sure the one asking knows as well as I do what my answer is getting ready to be! It gives me a chance to feel recognized in what I'm experiencing. So yes, please keep asking and yes one of these days I'm going to have a new answer for you!!! We have an exciting fundraising update: we were so excited to receive some generous Christmas donations, which bring us much closer to meeting our referral fee goal! This means when we do get "the call" we have the money ready & waiting to make the next required payment! Thank you so much to each of you who have donated to our fund!!! I'm going to close with some of my favorite pictures from the last couple of months. Yes, we are so blessed!