It's a bedtime tradition that began with Little Nutbrown Hare, and each night we try to outdo the last...I love you to the moon and the beach and the mountians...and one of my favorites, "to Jesus and the angels" and back...We never imagined we would be saying, I love you to Africa and seems like the furthest imaginable place, but yet in God's perfect timing, we plan to go.... to Africa and back!!! And when we get back, we will have another little cheek to kiss goodnight...please keep us in your prayers and enjoy this journey with us!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Emmaline!

I love love love the tradition that my Mom began when I was a kid... The celebration of half birthdays! The best thing about half birthdays are the fact that there are no presents and no parties to stress out about, just a day to celebrate you & eat cupcakes! We celebrated Emmaline turning 4 1/2 today with: breakfast @ McDonalds ("going in" which is such a treat!), getting coffee, spending the day at the zoo, eating at sonic (also getting out of the car to eat), going to Gigi's for cupcakes, riding bikes at home and choosing the favorite meal, pizza & popcorn for supper! Please don't judge me on nutritional content of meals today!!! I can't say how many times Emmaline has said, "we're having such a big day today!" That makes it all so worth it! Happy half birthday sweet princess!

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