It's a bedtime tradition that began with Little Nutbrown Hare, and each night we try to outdo the last...I love you to the moon and the beach and the mountians...and one of my favorites, "to Jesus and the angels" and back...We never imagined we would be saying, I love you to Africa and seems like the furthest imaginable place, but yet in God's perfect timing, we plan to go.... to Africa and back!!! And when we get back, we will have another little cheek to kiss goodnight...please keep us in your prayers and enjoy this journey with us!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today's prayer...

Today, pray for our orphanage in Kinshasa, Congo and pray especially for all of the kids who spend each day there, waiting for a family to call their own... I received an email yesterday from the Executive Director of our agency that started with "I want you to hear this directly from me..." my mind thought, "uh-oh..." The email went on to say:

"In recent months, we received a few concerns from parents about our Congo in-country coordinator and after hearing the concerns, we investigated her management of the orphanage.  As a result of the investigation, our working relationship deteriorated and the coordinator resigned on May 28, 2012.

We are working closely with our in-country attorney to ensure everything is in order.  However, due to these circumstances, please be aware that there may be unforeseen but temporary delays, and we will stay in constant communication to update you on how this may affect your particular adoption."

I don't know details beyond this point, but I do appreciate the fact that if our agency had evidence of misconduct and concerns, that they acted upon them. The kids there, one being our child, are first and foremost and I'm so glad that there are people who are looking out for their well-being. I came across this YouTube video on the OWAS orphanage page and was so excited to get a glimpse inside the place that our child calls home. Take a few minutes to look at it if you can. It was filmed in January of this year, this means that one of the kids seen could very well be ours!

I will update, as I get more information, but please just keep these kids and this orphanage in your prayers. I believe in the power of prayer!!!

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  1. I hope and pray that they find someone soon to manage the orphanage!! And I hope that it won't hinder your process for too long so that you can bring your little boy home soon... We will add that to our prayer list. I watched the video; how neat to be able to see where the little man is living. Can't wait to meet him!!